John Kelly

United States

2017 Barkley Marathons Champion
2018 ITU Long Course Age Group World Champion
2020 Spine Champion
1st to complete “The Grand Round” in the UK
Guinness World Record for “Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Videogame Character” (2016 Boston Marathon)

John specializes in mountainous, multi-day events such as The Barkley Marathons, The Spine Race, Tor Des Geants, and long FKTs such as his recent Grand Round project that connected all of the UK’s big 3 fell running rounds. He grew up in east Tennessee where his love of the mountains began, and he’s currently living in the UK with his wife and four kids where he’s the CTO and co-founder of a tech startup. John will continue exploring the mountains and his own limits, challenging himself with goals that push his boundaries. He hopes to be able to pass these passions along to his kids and others – promoting an appreciation and preservation of wild places and the value they bring to our society.

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