COROS Has Launched the Most Powerful Watch Ever Built

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning APEX,COROS has introduced the VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch


On May 14th in our Tustin,California office,the COROS team had a first for the brand live product launch.In front of a live YouTube audience,the COROS management team along with Athletes Sally McRae and Tim Tollefson introduced the world to the all-new VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch.This is not just any run of the mill watch,the VERTIX is the longest lasting,most powerful watch ever built and will make running,cycling,climbing and other activities safer,more efficient and most importantly more fun and enjoyable for all explorers.

Exciting features of the new premium GPS watch, include:

  • Extended 45-days of battery life in regular use(“Smart Watch Mode”)and 60+hours of battery life in full GPS mode,giving it nearly twice the battery life of the next most powerful watch on the market.
  • Innovative Altitude Mode–meant for the mountains–with 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring,altitude performance assessment and built-in alert system to notify the user when they are safe to resume climbing.
  • Industry leading low temperature performance-Works down to-4°F/-20°C with less than a 30%depreciation in battery performance.Extreme temperature testing showed 21 hours of battery in GPS mode at-22°F/-30°C.
  • Four color options including the unique“Ice-Breaker”model with a clear casing that lets the user see inside the unit.

For the last several months,VERTIX has been tested by a variety of climbers,runners and outdoor explorers in various conditions.In the weeks following the live launch,VERTIX has made it to the summits of Everest and Denali and has explored various trails around the world.

Additional VERTIX features and specs:

  • Titanium frame and bezel with Sapphire Glass screen
  • 150-meter water proof–the only GPS watch with this rating
  • 150 hours of battery life in UltraMax GPS mode
  • Navigation with interactive touch screen for easy viewing
  • Detailed training metrics and performance evaluations
  • Barometric Altimeter for precise altitude readings
  • Oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels
  • 76g–the lightest watch in its class

Lewis Wu,the CEO of COROS is an active trail runner and climber who aspires to train for big mountain expeditions.His and the rest of the team’s passions for exploring can be seen in the marketing for VERTIX and in the watch itself.

The watch is now available in 2 colors–Dark Rock(Black Bezel,Black Band)and Fire Dragon(Silver,Orange),with 2 more unique color offerings–Mountain Hunter(Bronze,Forest Green)and Ice Breaker(Blue/Translucent,Blue)coming soon.Prices start at $599,hundreds of dollars less than similar offerings on the market.

Along with Launching VERTIX we have also made the decision to pass along one of the benefits of our growth to our loyal customers.Starting in mid-May,the price of COROS’original GPS watch,the PACE GPS Multi-Sport watch was reduced to $199 making it arguably the best value on the market.While the pace is now at a lower price point,this watch packs a punch of features that is anything but entry-level.Anyone who purchased a PACE at the higher price,can receive a $100 credit to by contacting and providing a proof or purchase along with their 6-digit watch ID.

It has been an exciting few weeks bringing VERTIX to market,but even before that was multiple years of development and testing.Like all other COROS products,the VERTIX will only get better firmware updates bringing new features and activity modes to the watch.Several new modes have and will continue to push to both APEX and PACE including the recent additions of Hike and Trail Running Modes.

That’s it for now,we have some running and climbing to do–lucky us,we get to tell the boss it’s product testing.