This update will speed up your PACE!

A new update is coming your way!

A large part of our mission is to continuously improve upon the previous day. Whether it’s a simple as an algorithm adjustment, or as complex as adding a brand new activity profile, we want to give our users a better overall experience.

Coming soon, PACE will see a major firmware update that will introduce a wide range of new features. These include: a brand new algorithm that sharpens accuracy in the most harsh environments, new data measurements, file downloads, and activity alerts.

1. Intelligent Stride Algorithm

Introducing COROS’ very own, Intelligent Stride Algorithm. This unique algorithm embodies machine learning at its core to record your personal range of motion while running. This will build your very own stride model that will be used for indoor running or areas of weak GPS signal (such as tunnels).

2. VO2 Max

We’ve heard your feedback, and now we’re excited to introduce the ability to view your VO2 max after you complete a run activity. Crucial for long distance running performance, VO2 max is the measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your body can consume during intense exercise. This is extremely vital in determining your level of fitness.

3. Activity Data Downloads

Want to sync a previous activity to another app? Now you have the ability to manually download your historical activities in .fit/.tcx/.gpx/.kml formats and upload to popular training platforms such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks. At the same time, you can link your account to STRAVA for auto uploads.

4. Revamped Historical Data

If the COROS App wasn’t already clear enough, we’ve made it even easier to organize and view data. Now you can filter your workouts by month or by activity type.

5. Improved Run Alerts

Before you begin your run, you can now customize your pace zone alert in your run settings. Additionally, we’ve improved the heart rate alert by allowing you to customize the zones. Giving you complete control to train at your very own pace.

We have been working months on this and finally we are pleased to offer an updated SOS Emergency Alert feature to our OMNI users.

OMNI users can add up to (3) emergency contacts. Once SOS mode is activated, emergency contacts will be notified by phone calls made from your phone. When the COROS helmet is connected with the COROS App, texts will be sent from our COROS server to the emergency contact and may contain GPS coordinates.

…That’s not all!

July will see another update that will include full ANT+ compatibility, Apple Health compatibility, Indoor Cycling mode, interval training, customization activity profiles, and more data screens!

Updated Version List

iOS App version: V1.3.10
Android App version: V1.3.8
PACE firmware version: V1.35
OMNI firmware version: V2.32