When we introduced our first GPS watch in 2018, we called it a Multisport watch. Multisport was code for Triathlon, and the PACE would be an amazing value with better battery life than any other triathlon watch on the market. As time went on, we started to take the multisport title at face value and added more and more activity modes for land and water. Today we expand our water offerings from swimming focused activities to add in several new water sports activities. With this latest update, we now offer up to 25 workout modes for user to track a variety of sports and activities on their COROS GPS watch.

Beginning the week of November 2nd, COROS VERTIX & APEX Pro will receive the following modes:

• Speedsurfing

• Windsurfing

• Whitewater

• Flatwater

• Rowing

• Indoor Rowing

A week or two later, COROS APEX & PACE 2 will receive the following modes:

• Flatwater

• Rowing

• Indoor Rowing

In case you are not familiar with some of the above activities or are interested in learning more of the specific features each new mode will offer, keep reading below.

Speedsurfing Mode

Speedsurfers are focused on achieving the fastest speed possible on the water using windsurfing equipment. They use GPS devices to validate their speed for world rankings and compete in virtual competitions with other speedsurfers from all around the world.

COROS Speedsurfing mode is co-developed with the leading authority in speedsurfing – GPS-Speedsurfing.com (GP3S).

Founded back in 2004 GPS-speedsurfing.com has established itself as the leading GPS website in windsurfing. Over 15,000 active competitors have posted speeds and numbers are rapidly growing. GPS-speedsurfing.com currently has over 25,000 members who have posted nearly 300,000 sessions. Thousands of windsurfers use GPS watches in conjunction with the website as a benchmark, enabling them to join virtual competitions both on a local and global scale.

COROS Speedsurfing mode provides easy access to real-time data that speedsurfers frequently use including auto run detection, fastest speed in variety of set-ups, alpha speed, and more. This update, makes COROS the only GPS multisport watch brand with native Speedsurfing support. We will also launch the complete data integration with GPS-Speedsurfing.com before the end of this year, so your fastest speed will be automatically listed and verified on the world rankings

Windsurfing Mode

Jump on your sailboard and start tracking your windsurfing workouts directly from your wrist. Find out your Distance, Speed, Heart Rate and other data during and after your workouts.

Whitewater Mode

Activities that involve rapid downstream current or whitewater can now be tracked by your COROS GPS watch. Examples of ideal activities for this mode include whitewater kayaking, canoe slalom and rafting. Your GPS watch can now provide Stroke Count, Stroke Rate, Elevation, Speed, Distance and plenty of other useful data during and after your workout.

Flatwater Mode

Unlike whitewater, Flatwater Mode tracks popular workouts like standup paddleboarding and kayaking in tranquil water. These workouts are popular among road and mountain athletes for cross training. You can now receive accurate tracking of Distance, Stroke Count, Speed and more while enjoying fun on the water with your COROS GPS watch.

Rowing Mode

Rowing is a whole-body workout that trains all major muscle groups in the legs, arms and core. It is a perfect cross-training option for runners, cyclists and athletes of all kind. Now you can use your COROS GPS watch to track your rowing workouts; providing you with metrics including Pace (500m), Distance, Stroke Length, Stroke Rate and other useful data.

Indoor Rowing Mode

Can’t get on the water? No Problem. You can still use your COROS GPS watch to track your indoor rowing workouts with compatible Concept2 rowing machines (ergometer). Pair the rowing machine with your watch via Bluetooth and start receiving a live of data on your COROS watch including Distance, Stroke Count, Power and more.

Additional Updates

We have also enhanced the overall user experience for the pre-loaded route navigation and the in-app workout program & training plan features.

During route navigation on supported COROS GPS watches, the Heading Up mode under Map Direction will now utilize GPS to provide a more stable and accurate bearing for users on the road, in the mountains or on water.

Multiple sessions in a workout program can now be grouped together for easier arrangement. For example, if you are creating a workout of 3 sets of 2k, 1k, 500m you can now group the set and repeat it 3 times, rather than having to enter each individual interval separately. Now you can spend less time setting up your workout and more time training.

Last, but certainly not least we have further improved our integration with TrainingPeaks. Training plans from your TrainingPeaks account can now be downloaded directly to the COROS app for a direct sync to your COROS GPS watch. Every time the watch is synced with the COROS app, the planned workouts for the next 7 days will be sent to your watch. To activate this new feature, please disconnect and relink your TrainingPeaks account with the COROS app to ensure this feature works properly following the software update.

Wow! That was a lot. Our team is going to get back to work creating even more great features for you and we look forward to seeing tons of great pictures of you out on the water with your COROS GPS watch.